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Big companies have attorneys fighting for their best interest. You should too.

Our Commitment

You shouldn’t have to pay a lawyer to get justice. As a consumer, the law makes the bad guys pay us if we have to take them to court or threaten to take them to court.

We won’t ask you to put money up front when we can make them pay in the end. We are confident in our ability to win, so we are confident in our ability to make them pay your legal bills.

Most of us are not sure how or even what laws apply to our disputes with business, banks and debt collectors. How much do I owe them? Do I actually owe them anything? Is there a way out?

We have successfully defended people just like you who thought they had no choice but to pay up. We fight against this kind of legalized extortion for you.

We have seen clients ready to pay thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars because a big company and its lawyers had convinced them there was no other option, even though our client did not actually owe anyone anything. Don’t pay them to make them go away without calling and finding out if you really have to.

What we value...

We are already working for you, even if you never hire us. Every time a consumer stands up for his or her rights, they are standing up for all of our rights. We know that every time we go to court, we are not just representing one client, we are working for you.

We fight for what is right for our clients, which is also was is right for the rest of us. We should all get a fair deal and honest contracts.

Using our experience in consumer protection laws we understand the details often overlooked by others. By keeping many cases in mind, we find the arguments that convince the courts to do the right thing, too.

From sending a letter to stop harrasment to national class action suits we passionately fight for your best outcome.

Keith helped with a major issue - even after others had said no. He proved time and time again that he had my best interest throughout the entire process.

Darryl, Independence, MO

Mr. Williston has earned my trust with his transparency and fearless attitude in dealing with credit issues. His expertise and knowledge and are priceless.

Keith Knapp, Grain Valley, MO

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Getting a Canceled Debt Off A Credit Report

Debt collectors have a new swindle: trying to collect a canceled debt the consumer no longer owes. The creditor will forgive the debt, cancel it and send the consumer an IRS form 1099-C (see sample here), which should forever settle that the debt is canceled. But some...

Predators in the Courtroom

Predators prefer easy targets. We all know this is true on the street: you are more likely to get robbed if you look like easy prey. A pickpocket or thief is more likely to target you if you don't look like you are paying attention or you don't look like you belong in...

Stop Fraud, Don’t Just Complain About It

Stop Fraud, Don’t Just Complain About It

A friend shared this letteron Facebook, and I immediately suspected fraud. She knew she could share it on Facebook and embarrass the sender. She didn't know what else she could do. Would you? Fortunately, I saw it and let her know where else she could report the...

Is Home Birth Still Legal?

An administrative law judge (ALJ) just wrote an opinion that, if it is not defeated on appeal, will make all out of hospital births unavailable in Missouri. The ALJ, writing for the Board of Nursing, ignored the opinions of every expert with actual...

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I have the best career in the world! Every day I get to help consumers fight against creditors and collection agencies who violate their rights. I would love to hear how I can help you.

- Keith Williston