Thank you for taking a few minutes to review our current “most wanted” list.

These are cases that are of the most interest to our firm at this time. Most of these involve issues that are affecting large numbers of consumers, so if we can identify clients with these issues, we can do a lot of good for a lot of people. Any case we take will be taken on contingency, with nothing charged to the consumer up front.


Issues related to Credit Reports:

  • Accounts reporting a balance due after the creditor sends an IRS Form 1099-C or reports cancelling the debt.
    • Credit Cards, especially those from major national banks.
    • Mortgages sold to a debt collector after foreclosure
    • Often recover a few thousand dollars in damages for the client and get the account corrected or deleted.
  • Unauthorized credit inquiries: did someone pull your credit report without your permission?


Debt Collection Issues:

  • Any Fair Collections and Outsourcing account
    • Simple FDCPA claim for letters between March 18, 2015 through May of 2016
  • Clients with Wells Fargo Mortgages
    • Many had their accounts sold and do not realize that Wells Fargo is now just a servicer subject to FDCPA
    • Simple letter violations if uncovered.


Mix of debt collection and Credit Reporting

  • Accounts on credit reports that are deleted, then re-reported under a different number/creditor.
    • Usually cell phone, utility or health care bills.
    • Does that account come off your credit report, then pop back on?