Consumer Law protects the rights of normal people for all those personal purchase they make from buying a stick of gum to buying your dream home. Consumer law is a “fail-safe” for contracts and a way to solve problems when one business is making it hard for you to do business elsewhere. The best part about consumer law is that I almost never have to ask my clients for money. If I think you have a case, consumer protection laws almost always provide that my fees are included.

For example, let’s say you buy a car from Joe Schmuckatelli, but it turns out that he lied about the condition of the car or used some other fraud, deception or unfair tactic. You might not have enough money to hire a lawyer under traditional contract law, but the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act protects you, including the right to make lying Joe pay your legal bills.

And the same laws could also help if Joe claims that you owe Joe $50,000 for a car you never bought. The legitimate car dealer down the street might not want to sell you a car if Joe is saying you don’t pay your bills. Joe isn’t “breaching a contract” because you never had a contract with him. And there aren’t a lot of traditional laws that would apply. However, under consumer laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can make Joe stop lying and make him pay your legal bills so you don’t have to.

If you have a problem affecting things you buy for personal or family use, then you probably have a Consumer Law issue. Give me a call today to see if I can help.