A friend shared this letteron Facebook, and I immediately suspected fraud. She knew she could share it on Facebook and embarrass the sender. She didn’t know what else she could do. Would you? Fortunately, I saw it and let her know where else she could report the letter and stop the threats.

You’ve probably gotten a fraudulent letter like this in the mail, whether it is from a dentist, a debt collector or a sleazy salesman. This letter claims that missing a dental appointment is illegal child neglect. The dentist threatened that the state will take children who miss an appointment. This is fraud (false statements intended to trick you into spending money), so I directed this mother to her state attorney general’s office, the state dental board, and a place to find local attorneys who might be able to help her. She said she would follow up, and I hope she does. Surely, this dentist sent this letter to a whole lot of people. When this mother stands up, she stands up for hundreds or thousands of parents who got this letter, and I am proud to be a small part of that. If you get threatening, sleazy or fraudulent letters, call me or email so I can help you figure out what you can do about it.

Remember, you aren’t just standing up for yourself. Just like the mother who got this letter, you are standing up for everyone that fell for the fraud, even if you didn’t.


These links may be of help here in Kansas or Missouri:

Missouri Attorney General Consumer Protection Division

Kansas Attorney General Consumer Complaints