Predators prefer easy targets. We all know this is true on the street: you are more likely to get robbed if you look like easy prey. A pickpocket or thief is more likely to target you if you don’t look like you are paying attention or you don’t look like you belong in a neighborhood. Easy targets also get robbed by predators in business and the courtroom when the predator thinks target isn’t paying attention or isn’t familiar with the law.  Don’t be an easy target, put someone familiar with the law on your side and show the predators that you are paying attention.

I helped two clients this week by showing a predator that they were not easy targets without even having to charge anything. First, a company was refusing to do business with my client. The company provides a service my client’s business depends on. The company was going to put my client out of business. She let the company know she had a lawyer, and suddenly the company decided it would work with her. My other client was being sued by a debt collector in three separate lawsuits. I filed an official notice with the court that she had a lawyer, and the debt collector dismissed the cases without even calling me. In both cases, the “bad guy” immediately caved and went away as soon as they knew my clients had a lawyer. My clients weren’t going to be easy prey, and the predators moved on. I wish that I had “reformed” the predator on the other side, but I know that they just moved on to easier prey.

Don’t be the easy target. Whether some business is refusing to work with you, you are being sued, have a debt collector calling you or have some other legal trouble, give us a call to see how we can help.