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Balancing the scales for people, so every deal is a fair deal.

Keith Williston

Not every case makes it to the Supreme Court, but every case matters. In the American system of government, the ability to hire a lawyer and even sue someone if you need to is as much a part of changing the laws as voting or even running for office. In our current environment, you probably have a better chance of making a real difference by simply standing up for your rights as any “political” activity you could do. This isn’t about “getting one over” on corporations; it is about making sure we keep the scales balanced so that you are treated fairly in court, at the store and even in the legislative branches.
I want the work I do to have a positive impact, which means taking the time to learn my clients’ stories, not just taking the easy route to a win that hurts other people.


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Education: UMKC – School of Law

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Consumer Rights

Rights of Healthcare Professionals